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EVTM aims to provide a truly Open Access platform for the dissemination of knowledge and peer-reviewed research in the field of endovascular resuscitation and hybrid hemorrhage control or hemodynamic instability. We work to spread this new paradigm within trauma management through workshops, symposia and social media. EVTM is a developing global cooperation.   


The EVTM platform is run by the EVTM managing group at Örebro University Hospital, Sweden and with the EVTM society. All activities as workshops, and symposiums are under the official EVTM society leadership and guidelines. The EVTM symposia is run world-wide in different sections as the PAN AMERICAN EVTM, Italian, Israeli and other sections. All at part of the EVTM platform and society. 


“No ego, just good science, care and collaboration”  

We focus on good, transparent, ethical research and collaboration. Its not only trauma, but resuscitation by surgical and hybrid techniques. EVTM is now an established concept, published in high ranked journals and spreading to more centers. We hope to increase this multidisciplinary effort and establish a great global collaboration to help our patients.




As endovascular methods develop, they can be incorporated into initial trauma care upon patient arrival. This includes adopting a multidisciplinary trauma and non-trauma approach, early femoral vascular access (AABCDE), Aortic Balloon Occlusion (ABO or REBOA), surgery on a sliding/angiography table, angiography, embolization, stent grafts, and much more.

Today, we can use both open surgery and endo methods (hybrid) to control massive bleeding by having an EVTM perspective at time of patient arrival in the trauma bay, or even in the field or battlefield. Some of these methods have been in use for many years, while some have been developed over the last 15-20 years. However, not all are used in primary trauma management. We believe that EVTM is here to stay, and should be applied in all severe trauma cases, even in the prehospital environment or battlefield. EVTM can be used in both developed and less developed countries, whether it be with a C-arm or in a hybrid suite. There are also new developments in EVTM regarding REBOA including partial REBOA (pREBOA) vs Total REBOA (TREBOA), Intermittent REBOA (iREBOA), field REBOA (fREBOA), Transfer REBOA (tREBOA) – Very exciting times!

The Journal of Endovascular Resuscitation and Trauma Management (JEVTM) is an online publication that gives specialists’ views, and accounts of group and scientific clinical work with regard to EVTM. In rapid time, we present articles, opinions and data, and information about what is going on right now, aiming to learn more about it from each other. We aim to bring together research groups and clinicians from all over the world, and to work together to make EVTM a reality in daily trauma management. Most importantly, we hope to help the victims of trauma to get the best available treatment, which is based, in our opinion, on EVTM methods.

JEVTM.com is published in collaboration with the Division of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery and General Surgery, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden. The project is led by the vascular/endovascular team in Örebro. Dr. Tal M. Hörer, MD, PhD is the founder, head of EVTM and Editor-in-Chief of JEVTM.

More info on the Journal of Endovascular Resuscitation and Trauma Management and its Editorial Team.

For The Industry/Partners

We welcome collaboration with the industry. This can be done by grants or taking part in activities such as workshops and meetings. All done openly, with full ethical considerations and following the rules and guidelines of the EU and Swedish government, supervised by the research council of Örebro University Hospital. There is no personal economical benefit involved for the EVTM platform and people involved. We do believe that new ideas, techniques and products would benefit our patients and the industry.

Want to support EVTM activities? contact us at david.mcgreevy@regionorebrolan.se or tal.horer@regionorebrolan.se




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The material published on this site is for professional use only. JEVTM management takes no responsibility in any way for the medical treatments that are described here. Any misuse of the information is the responsibility of the user. All the information published on this site belongs to the JEVTM and may be used with permission if its source is clearly stated.

The JEVTM is published in cooperation with the Division of Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery, Anaesthesia intensive care and General Surgery, Örebro University Hospital and University, Sweden. The JEVTM/EVTM project is formed and led by the Vascular Team in Örebro, Sweden, with Dr. Tal M. Hörer, MD, PhD as Editor-in-Chief.

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