EVTM Symposium

The EVTM Symposium is a yearly gathering of people from all over the world in order to advance the EVTM concepts.

The EVTM symposium is not a congress – it is a place to debate, discuss and meet professionals like you. It is the only multidiscplinary forum where vascular, trauma, surgery, IR and ICU meet and discuss instable patients.

What you can expect:

  • New strategies, clinical data and how to do, discussed in an open forum setting
  • Short 6 minute talks and live debates, face-2-face
  • Shared experience on EVTM issues from various centra
  • Highly experienced faculty on endo and hybrid methods in management of unstable patients
  • New endo and hybrid tools, imaging and possibilites (endografts, hybrid rooms and much more)
  • Updates on guidelines and routines in different centers – all from people who are Doer’s
  • Meet people F2F and share your experience

The EVTM Symposia Video Archive

The EVTM Youtube-channel is a comprehensive and growing knowledge bank, featuring speeches, debates and interviews from all symposia to date.

The links below lead to Youtube playlists, where you find more information on the contents and direct links to specific sessions.



Interview Collections


The latest Symposia Video Playlist:

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The EVTM Round Table Symposium, Örebro, Sweden, 03/12/2021-05/12/2021 has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 19 European CME credits (ECMEC®).

EVTM Expert Interviews: Chuck Fox

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EVTM Expert Interviews: Prof. Ernest E. Moore from the 2019 EVTM Workshop in Örebro, Sweden

EVTM Expert Interviews: Prof. Todd Rasmussen and Prof. Kenneth Boffard from the 2018 EVTM Symposium in Örebro, Sweden

EVTM Expert Interviews: Creator and Chair of the BEST Course

EVTM Expert Interviews: Omar Jibrel

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